The Artists Book Club

The only book club for artists!

“When reading about prospect and refuge in Painting the Woods, I became aware of how space is a metaphor for a variety of emotions. I began to see it as a tool for conveying emotion in my own work.”-  Book Club member

Creative Exercises

Super charge your understanding and skill with Concepts in Practice our art lessons designed from key concepts in the book.  Each lesson is thoughtfully developed to reinforce the concepts in our book so that you can apply what you have learned immediately.

Each session delivers two Concepts in Practice art lessons, as well as, a tutorial for each lesson.

Begin to advance your skill level, improve your ability to express your ideas and become the artist you want to be!

  • Learn how to use visual elements to express emotion
  • Discover how to edit your work to make a powerful statement
  • Apply the key concepts of shape, line, value, color and more to find your unique artistic voice.


Learn more about Concepts in Practice

What will you learn at The Artists Book Club?

Each book session lasts six weeks. During that time read a curated art book selected to fuel your passion for art. Books like ” Trust the Process” by Shaun McNiff in which we learned about the education of the imagination.

In “Painting the Woods ” by Deborah Paris  we explored memory learning and the benefits of contour drawing.

“The other day I was thinking I needed to share with you how helpful I find the Concepts in Practice to be. They are thoughtfully written, and even if I don’t find the time to complete them, I think about them, start them, take some notes, and find myself referring back to several as I work on my art (or take art classes). In other words, I hold space for them in my sketchbook.” – Book Club Member

Private Facebook Group

Meet up with fellow artists members any time in our private Facebook group.

This is the heart of our community where we discuss our thoughts on the books ,art and our own progress as artists.

Having a community of supportive is invaluable for artists as we spend a lot of time alone in our studio. Getting new perspectives and bouncing ideas off one another is a powerful catalyst for creative work!

  • “In the evening by lamp or candlelight each showed the other his sketches. This was a time for criticism, encouragement and discussion… Lawren Harris