The Artists Book Club Newsletter No.18

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Cover of Painting Abstract Landscapes

Painting Abstract Landscapes

by Gareth Edwards & Kate Reeve-Edwards

Painting Abstract Landscapes is a beautifully written collaboration between the artist Gareth Edwards and his daughter Kate Reeve-Edwards. Weaving  the threads of poetry, art history and the philosophy and psychology that motivates artistic endeavor, this book explores an often overlooked way to present the landscape.  Seeking to bridge the gap between the literal and the felt, we are invited into the artist’s studio for an intimate look at the creative process and how to apply it to our own work.

Book Review: Painting Abstract Landscapes

Seascape with storm coming

J M W Turner      Seascape with storm

Finding your themes: A step by step guide

Finding overarching themes in your artwork is crucial to understanding what motivates you as an artist. In Painting Abstract Landscapes the authors explore how the influence of poetry, music, books and artwork determine our themes. In this article I explore  a step by step process for identifying themes and how to begin to incorporate them in your work.

Cover of California Light

California Light

A Century of Landscapes

by Jean Stern & Molly Siple

This beautiful book tells the story of California through the eyes of the artists that lived and visited there from the early 1900’s through the present.  A enlightening history of the state and how California formed the artists who worked there.  Read my review here.