The Artists Book Club

Concepts in Practice

Read about art, then put it into practice.

That’s the unique part of The Artists Book Club. Each book session get 2 art lessons designed to put the concepts of the book we are reading into practice. Quick wins to transform your art and reach your art goals!

Do you want to reach the next level with your art?  Yes, we all do!

Have you ever been to a workshop and felt you just didn’t have enough time to grasp the ideas and principles presented? I have. I need time and space to work through and experience¬† the concepts. Often times my notes are all I have to refer back on and they can be sketchy.

What if you had a whole book and lessons to refer to?

At the Artists Book Club you will build a library of art books that will serve you for years to come. You may buy the book new or used or, if you’re not sure the book will be part of your permanent collection, borrow it from the library.

What if you had insights and ideas from other artists who are reading the same material?

During the book session, we post book discussion questions twice each week. Thought provoking questions and even better discussion from artists members mean we get a full experience of the book and it’s impact on our art.


Comment from book club member:

  • I've been focused on mark making -- sounds turn into marks; physical sensations turn into marks. Then, I turn my focus to composition -- what would I edit from or add to those marks. Really, though, that sentence about aesthetic consciousness and no blank canvas seems to summarize this book. McNiff offers so many ways to think "artfully."

What if you had a journal full of lessons and your own personal insights to refer to?

We recommend completing the Concepts in Practice in an art journal. Why? The journal you complete will be a record of your personal art journey. Note insights and struggles you had and how you worked through it to find a solution that fits your style of working. The journal will become an invaluable resource bringing new insights for years to come.