Transform your art skills!

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At The Artists Book Club

Learn about art books that jump start your motivation and creativity and build your art skills!

Each month I review a curated art book and break down the concepts of the book and how you can apply it to your art for quick wins that will transform your art.

Get an inside look at classic art books, books by modern day masters and biographies of important artists before you buy and build your art library with books that will teach, inspire and motivate you to be the artist you want to be.


Strategies to quickly decide on a composition for your painting.

Discover how to use visual elements to depict emotion.

Let go of artistic blocks that are keeping you from your best work.

Quick win drawing exercises to up your skill level.

Come join our community and find your best art!

  • What is a curated art book?

    Each month we read and discuss a book curated especially for The Artists Book Club, on technique, artists’ biographies and the creative process.

    All books chosen for the club will meet specific criteria. They must: enlighten us about artists and their process for creating art, show us how to apply the principles of art to our own work, and guide us along the path to finding our own singular creative voice.

  • What’s in the newsletter?

    The Artists Book Club is the only book club for artists!

    Each month I will discuss a curated art book.  You will receive a newsletter each week with a book review, important art concepts from the book explained and how to apply them to your own work.

    Learn art principles from classic art books,  strategies to avoid creative blocks and discover pathways to find your own artistic voice.


Books we have read in The Artists Book Club

A community that is a catalyst for your best art ever!

  • Learn composition, design and art principles from classic art books

  • Discover how to incorporate important art concepts into your own art process

  • In depth book reviews that tell you how each book will jump start your art process

  • Learn the creative mindset from artists who have conquered artistic blocks

  • Jump start your motivation and build your art skills!

  • Learn the secrets of art from the old and modern masters!

Hi, my name is Wendy Kalimeris

I am an artist and book lover. I have a BFA and am a member of The Oil Painters of America. Art books are a key resource for artists to learn and grow! Follow along with me as I uncover the secrets of art one book at a time. Join the newsletter and start your  journey to better art!